Monday, January 28, 2013

Ideas for Scrapping: K&Company Blue Smash Book

smash book boots for walking
Smash Book: "boots" graphic (boots were made for...?)

Still gabbing on about the K&Company Smash Book (the blue-edged one): The image above shows pink pages with a gray-ink graphic of cowboy boots with spurs. It says, "You know exactly what these boots were made for." Of course, I'm old enough to remember the song ("These Boots Were Made for Walking"). I've stuck my own appropriate photos and scraps round about. The next three images show sports, a carnival strong man, and work scenes, which is why I recommend the book to guys, or girls who want to make a scrapbook about their guy or their sons. The first page pair has guys with racquets, and says, "Like This." I stuck on a picture of a guy relaxing on a floating lawn chair. (Yeah, that thing was great!) I've blurred the face for privacy.

smash book sports theme
Smash Book: sports theme, with tennis, badminton, baseball.

smash book strong man theme
Smash Book: "So, Fresh." Strong-man graphic. I glued scraps on left side.

smash book working man
Smash Book: "You Betcha!" Photo is glued over their graphic.

The pink page that says, "You Betcha!," has a picture of a guy that looks kind of like a New Yorker. I wanted a photo of my own on there, so I just had it sized to fit and glued the face over their graphic. Reminder: these pages are from the Smash Book with the light-blue-bound edge. I did an Amazon review of it, and noticed that people had mixed feelings about the book's images, and that they were having trouble describing the style. See my review of K&Company Smash Book on Amazon. Two of my previous posts show images from this same book, and I plan to do at least one more.

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