Monday, February 4, 2013

Illustrations from 1998 by dkp for A. Williams

The next few blog posts will be from the portfolio of D.K. Pritchett, as documentation for an illustration project for A. Williams. The black-and-white illustrations were completed in 1998 for a book. He had had me do some sketches as early as 1994, but the project went on hold for awhile. Most of the finished illustrations were done in '98. The pieces may not have appeared in the final publication (possibly due to publication costs). The pieces consist of a selection of preparatory gesture drawings, roughs, and layouts, as well as final illustrations (one each) of: Picasso; Edison; Cleopatra; Einstein; Martin Luther King, Jr.; and Marilyn Monroe. The style is semi-abstract and certainly borrows from Picasso, a big influence on the illustrator at that time.

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