Monday, February 4, 2013

Santa Claus Christmas Illustration by D.K.P.

One of D.K. Pritchett's illustrations for the book of quizzes (by A. Williams) was a Christmas illustration. The illustrations were to be used as chapter headings, though most or all of them were dropped from the final publication, due to publication costs. The author decided that he liked a full Christmas scene, not just a Santa. He suggested a nighttime landscape with a moon. He made other suggestions: make the belly a little bigger, make sure the Santa has a warm smile... Of course, the style had to fit with the other illustrations, so I used similar hatching marks and a highly contoured, stylized, angular style. The result is the Christmas scene above. Below are some of the rough sketches and gesture drawings that went into the planning. Some of the sketches have notes and suggestions by the author.
rough sketch of Santa Claus
Rough sketch of Santa Claus by D.K. Pritchett

gesture drawings of Santa
Two gesture drawings of Santa, with suggestions by the author

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