Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thought Processes: The Idealistic Dreamer

I just took a couple of career-personality tests to see how my thought processes compare. "INFP: Idealistic Dreamer." Sigh. So, what else is new...?

I've been the same personality type all of my life, so it shouldn't come as any surprise to find that there's a test for it, that I've been pigeon-holed, that the test does work, does show me to be the Don Quixote type. It's not a surprise, really. I've done those tests before. They always come out the same. It is slightly disheartening (in light of real-world worries) that I match about one percent of the population. It's that old square-peg thing.

I suspect that super-capitalists like The Donald fit into some other personality type. I sometimes think I'd like to be one of those, but not really. I don't want the power persona, the power suits, the you're-fired! confrontational bravado. Maybe I'd like an nth of the professional savvy someone like that has. Or maybe I'd just like a pocketful of cash. Cuz, if I had it, I'd just go buy myself that lovely desert island and idealistically dream all the time, all the more...

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