Saturday, December 14, 2013

Horse Drawings

Horse Gesture Drawing

The gesture drawing of the horse (above) shows movement. After I did this one, it made me think of a sculpture I've seen, by Heather Jansch. Her wonderful sculptures look like driftwood, but are cast bronze with patina added. In fact, her sculptures sometimes have the feel of gesture drawings ~ they have that raw, expressive quality. Below are two more sketches of a horse. While all three sketches say “horse,” the gesture drawings capture something of the movement and strength of a horse.

Two Horses: a Gesture and a Sketch

The gesture drawing shows movement, while the standing horse is more staid. (It is not based on the gestural drawing shown). Both styles of drawing have their merit, but I've really grown to love gesture drawings for their own sake!

All of these drawings were transferred from my other blog, which is closing...

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