Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rooster Painting and Gesture Drawings of a Rooster

Rooster Painting From a Mural

Gesture drawings are a great way to explore concepts. They really can capture the appearance and attitude of the subject. The two gesture drawings of a rooster (below) were done in preparation for a final composition for one corner of a mural (above). Drawings may be as rough or finished as an artist wants to make them, and a gesture drawing usually has more spontaneity than the final artwork. Here, my gestures are simple, quick studies on notebook paper to test the composition for a section of my mural. In this case, my finished artwork was successful ~ it is as expressive and spontaneous as I wanted it to be! The media is latex paint on primed drywall.

Two Gesture Drawings of a Rooster

I've posted these once before when I blogged the mural. Today I'm just transferring these from another blog of mine, that's being closed...

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