Thursday, March 13, 2014

Artists and Hoarding

Artists and hoarding: they go together like a junk man and junk! Artists see so many creative possibilities in so many things! That junk can impede creativity, though. After all, there's quite a lot to be said about space. Surely an artist needs space to create, space to think, space to breathe. And of course, studio space.

This past week, I've made good headway in clearing out junk. Already I'm feeling much freer. I have so little space to work with, but I've made the effort. I've separated the areas of the room: distractions and necessary files on one side, art and framing supplies on the other. It feels good. I've found that my attachment to some of those things I felt I couldn't part with was just that: an attachment. An unthinking attachment. I'd just grown used to looking at the stuff; or maybe, not looking at it. When I actually stopped to "think out" each piece of stuff, I understood that, really, I'd just ceased to see it after all these years. The attachment I'd had to it (sentimental, emotional, aspirational) was formed way in the past, when life was different, plans were different. Finally, I was able to let go. It felt good. In fact, I think I'm ready for Phase II: Operation Deep Clean!

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