Saturday, September 3, 2011


That is... without a doubt the worst thing I ever saw happen in a painting of mine. I don't know if it's the paint (Liquitex), the cheap canvas, or the fact that I seem to have forgotten how to paint in the interval of years. I ended up with a shiny mess (too much medium?), too dark (the result of using Liquitex again, instead of Winsor & Newton?), and all too close in tones, just kind of vague (poor choice of subject). Anyhow, I got disgusted and just swiped light colors all over everything. Now it looks like one of those hideous acrylic color-theory things from the 1970s. (I've seen some artists paint that way, and call it a painting.) Now... don't know whether I'll desert this canvas or let it lie there for a few days and try to recoup something out of it... (sigh). Well, truly, this is... "back to the old drawing board).

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