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Air-Dry Clay and Creative Paperclay Ornaments

I love polymer clay, but I don't have easy access to an oven right now. That puts polymer clay completely out of my sphere for now. It has to be baked.  I had tried paper clay before, and decided to try it again. I also wanted to try air-dry clay. These are very different products especially when wet!  The western chaps in the photo, above, are made of paper clay—specifically, Creative Paperclay® brand. The cowboy boot ornament is made of air-dry clay. I used Polyform® ModelAir® porcelain clay. In my finished project, the appearance of the two products is similar. But actually the two materials are very, very different, both while working and when dry. Both are very different from polymer clay, too, and from real clay. This really surprised me.  Both air-dry clay and paper clay require great patience. Air-dry clay requires 24 hours to dry completely. Paper clay needs one to three days, according to its instructions. But both products start drying as you work, and may ne

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