Monday, August 13, 2018

Painted Rocks: Deer, Black Bear, Fish, and Potbellied Pig

Special Requests and Gift Rocks (Painted Rocks by D.K. Pritchett)

The two rocks above, a deer and a black bear, were done by special request. Someone had seen my rocks on the Chatsworth, Georgia, list, and wanted to buy some for her little boy. 

I had painted the fish, below, and planned to either hide it in the park, or hide it at our upcoming family reunion. Instead, my niece's mother-in-law saw it and liked it. She wanted to buy it and several others, so I let her. The potbelly pig was done as a gift.

Two views of the potbellied pig...

Painted rocks by D.K. Pritchett: Deer, Black Bear, Fish (Minnow), and Potbellied Pig.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Painted Rocks - Elephant, Doe and Fawn, Fox, and Bunny

This is another group of my painted rocks, but these didn't make it into the park to be hidden. A friend wanted to buy the elephant, so I let her. The others were commissioned privately by someone who had seen my rocks on the group page, and wanted some for her little boy.

Above: painted rocks by D.K. Pritchett: Elephant, Doe and Fawn, Fox, and Bunny.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Art by D.K. Pritchett - Painted Rocks, Little Animals

My Painted Rocks

Collage of Painted Rocks

My painted rocks: Bunny, Fox, Squirrel, Whale, Little Horse, and Little Deer. I painted these for the Chatsworth GA Rocks list (a Facebook group). We have fun hiding them around town for people to hunt and keep (or find and rehide, if they like). I think the horse is backward--I must have flipped the image by accident while trying to work the collage thingy. Here are closeups:

Painted Rock - Whale

Painted Rock - Little Fox
Painted Rock - Little Horse

Painted Rock - Squirrel
Painted Rock - Fox

Graphic Art, Hobby Art, Rock Painting, by D.K. Pritchett

Painted Rocks: Waving American Flag, Heart, and Sailboat

My Painted Rocks

Collage of Painted Rocks
Waving American Flag, Little Pink Heart, and Sailboat: these are three of the rocks I painted for Chatsworth GA Rocks (a Facebook group). We hid them around town for people to hunt. The flag and boat are much larger than the heart. The flag is about five inches across. It has a surprise landscape on the back, of evergreen trees on a bluff. I forgot to take a picture of that side. The sailboat is about five or six inches in diameter. The art was inspired by the shape of each rock.

Painted Rock - Sailboat

Painted Rock - Waving American Flag

Painted Rock - Little Heart

Painted Rock - Little Gator

Painted Rock - Little Bulldog

Graphic Art, Hobby Art, Rock Painting, Art by D.K. Pritchett