Monday, January 28, 2013

More Pages from K&Company Smash Book

Smash Book page with scraps and photos glued on

My previous post told about the K&Company Smash Books. I don't sell them, but I do like the product. They have several varieties, most of which are filled with vintage or retro graphics. They make it easy to scrapbook on the fly. I hold onto scraps for sentimental or nostalgic reasons. My scrapbooks aren't really my "art," they're just a way to save ticket stubs or make a note about a trip. I don't want to spend hours planning the perfect scrapbook page. These books suit me well.
smash book page lucky
Page with "Lucky" graphic

I chose one of the less popular designs to blog: the Smash Book with the light blue cover. That's because it was getting mixed reviews on Amazon, with some loving it, some hating it, and many trying to describe it. I've posted pictures of sample pages. I've glued my scraps and photos on most of them, so this may help scrappers decide if the blue book will work for them.

The two-page spread at the top of this post has "2 of a Kind" as the graphic. It is printed over ruled lines with a pink strip. On the right-hand page is a pale green Victorian-style graphic of two people on a bicycle built for two. I picked photos of mine that had pairs of people: a mother and daughter, aunt and niece, twins, brother and sister, two baby pictures that looked similar ~ things like that. I cut some of them into special shapes and left some plain. I scribbled notes under the photos. I stuck a postage stamp sticker there, just because I liked the color combo.

The next page had a pale-gray stamped graphic of a horseshoe, made to look as if it's stamped in faded ink. It says, "Now that's just downright LUCKY!" I had taken a photo of my very lucky Yahtzee score and printed it with a bright, retro border. This seemed like the perfect page for it. I also stuck on a larger, inset of the score, then wrote a note about it. I wrote notes about other lucky incidents or coincidences on the two-page spread. (I've blurred some of the details for privacy.)

smash book cheap thrills
Smash Book page: "Cheap Thrills"

The two-page spread above features a large ink-stamp-style graphic that says, "Cheap Thrills &." The next two-page spread (not shown), continues the thought with "Guilty Pleasures." So far, the only scrap I've found for that other page is a toddler stuffing a huge chunk of birthday cake in her mouth. On the cheap thrills page, I stuck a photo-booth shot of three friends and a picture of a little girl looking in the mirror at her blue-Koolaid tongue. I also scribbled some stories of old memories ~ silly things, like midnight visits to Rocky Horror, my first "R" movie, and silly tricks we played on people.

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