Monday, June 25, 2018

Art by D.K. Pritchett - Painted Rocks, Little Animals

My Painted Rocks

Collage of Painted Rocks

My painted rocks: Bunny, Fox, Squirrel, Whale, Little Horse, and Little Deer. I painted these for the Chatsworth GA Rocks list (a Facebook group). We have fun hiding them around town for people to hunt and keep (or find and rehide, if they like). I think the horse is backward--I must have flipped the image by accident while trying to work the collage thingy. Here are closeups:

Painted Rock - Whale

Painted Rock - Little Fox
Painted Rock - Little Horse

Painted Rock - Squirrel
Painted Rock - Fox

Graphic Art, Hobby Art, Rock Painting, by D.K. Pritchett

Painted Rocks: Waving American Flag, Heart, and Sailboat

My Painted Rocks

Collage of Painted Rocks
Waving American Flag, Little Pink Heart, and Sailboat: these are three of the rocks I painted for Chatsworth GA Rocks (a Facebook group). We hid them around town for people to hunt. The flag and boat are much larger than the heart. The flag is about five inches across. It has a surprise landscape on the back, of evergreen trees on a bluff. I forgot to take a picture of that side. The sailboat is about five or six inches in diameter. The art was inspired by the shape of each rock.

Painted Rock - Sailboat

Painted Rock - Waving American Flag

Painted Rock - Little Heart

Painted Rock - Little Gator

Painted Rock - Little Bulldog

Graphic Art, Hobby Art, Rock Painting, Art by D.K. Pritchett

Friday, November 17, 2017

Comment on Article about Art in Med School

Casey Lesser's article on Why Medical Schools Require Art Classes points out the humanizing aspect of art, among other things...

Article: Why Med Schools Are Requiring Art Classes

Friday, October 6, 2017

Eerie Art on Android

Mysterious Bird - Altered, Blended Photos by D.K. Pritchett

I wanted to create an eerie image for one of my Pinterest boards, and I also wanted to play with the camera on my new phone.

I had already created an eerie eye by taking a picture of my eye, partially surrounded by my hand, then altering the mood by applying filters using an app called Cupslice.

Eerie Eye and Hand (Upside-Down), Modified Using Cupslice App
To create the bird, I imported the eerie eye into Samsung's Photo Editor to tweak the angle of the eye so that it would blend well with my other photo, a picture of a large cocoon-type web in a tree. I rotated the image, made it slant downward on the left (not pictured) to match the cocoon segment below. I experimented with filters on both the eye and the cocoon.

Cocoon (Upside-Down), Enlarged Detail, Modified Using Various Filters

I imported both photos into an app called PhotoBlend, manipulated the strength of the light, and merged the two images several times, playing with various filters to get the right color and mood. I saved several views and picked the one I liked best. I imported the new altered image into the Samsung Photo Editor for my finishing touches, a little pencil drawing (detail, below).

Graphic Work Using Samsung's Photo Editor Pencil Tool

I'm happy with the mysterious bird I created, though it probably wouldn't enlarge well.

Collage of Various States of the Two Photos Used to Make the Finished Art

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Free Art Friday, Rome Georgia Rocks, and other North Georgia Groups

Doodles and Sketches by D.K. Pritchett
Created for Free Art Friday in Rome, Georgia

This past weekend I hid some art for Free Art Friday in Rome, Georgia, and had lots of fun doing it. I hid about eight or ten sketches and doodles, mostly of butterflies and calligraphic letters. I've discovered that several other North Georgia towns have free art groups or painted rock groups. Most or all are on Facebook and are closed groups (you have to join to participate). Here are a few of them:

Cave Spring, Georgia: 

Cave Spring Rocks

Free Art Friday Cave Spring/Cedartown:

Chatsworth, Georgia:

Chatsworth Rocks

Dalton, Georgia:

Dalton, GA Rocks

Dahlonega, Georgia:

Dahlonega Rocks

Rome, Georgia:

Free Art Friday Rome GA

Rome Ga Rocks

Rome Rocks
(Subtle clues - took me awhile to realize it was Rome, Georgia)


North Georgia Rocks

Georgia Rocks

Chattanooga Painted Rocks
Chattanooga, Tennessee

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