Thursday, December 27, 2012

40~ Mural 2012: Estimate of Time, Materials

Well, the mural was finished. I have a few more thoughts to blog about it: the learning experience, and all. One thing I didn't know when I started on this thing was, what would it really take? How much paint would we need? How much would it cost? How many hours would it take?

We didn't keep an exact accounting of every hour, every minute; and I'm sure we lost track of a can of paint or two. But even before this thing was finished, I began to total up the days worked, the amounts of materials used. I knew it would be useful in estimating another project, and in planning the project. It might also prevent waste. We had estimated what we'd need in paint and bought most of it that first day. Throughout the project, Brenda had to run to the hardware store for more cans of Kilz, another roll of blue tape here and there, a color of paint we needed. I don't have anything on those. I had lost track of time, but was able to go back to my work calendar and my emails to re-trace my steps. Our photos helped a lot. It seemed like such a long haul; but, when we looked back at what all we did in the amount of time we had, we were pretty impressed with ourselves. Here are our totals:

Hours: Over 430 man hours, not counting off-site prep work. Here's the break-down: we worked approximately 20 full days of about eight-and-a-half hours each, give or take; and 9 half-days of about five hours each, give or take. That equals about 215 on-site hours for each person (so, a total of about 430 hours, because Brenda did as much or more work than I). We had many off-site hours of research, planning, sketching, pattern-making, and supply gathering. I have no real estimates for that.

Paint: Our first expenditure of paint and materials was about $300, but we had to go back and get more later on. Four or five gallons of Kilz. Semi-gloss or satin premium latex: three gallons of green, one gallon of pale blue, two gallons of white, a half-gallon of tan, two quarts of red, two quarts of hot pink, two quarts of purple, two quarts of teal green, one quart of medium yellow, one quart of light yellow, one quart of orange, one quart of sienna, a pint of metallic copper, samples (half-pints) of brown, silver, smoky blue, sky blue, soft light blue, pink, coral, goldenrod, dark black, soft black, and cream. (There may have been other samples.) We could have used less yellow and possibly bought half-pint samples of red. I think the gallons were about $18-$21. We decided to go with premium-satin colors that clean up well. I thought we should go with the best we could afford. Brenda's experience with this particular paint was that it cleaned up well and would not have to have a coat of sealer. As permanence goes, this may be a mistake ~ but after all, this is not the Sistine Chapel.

Brushes: Set of three brushes mixed-size brushes, one small trim brush, two of my own large artist's brushes (flats), two small round artist's brushes, and some disposable sponge brushes. There was some wear and tear on brushes, but most of the brushes are still okay for future projects.

Miscellaneous: 4 or 5 drop cloths, paper towels, several paint rollers, lots of disposable pots and palettes (most of them, free, recycled fast-food containers and the like), and assorted large and small paint trays. We used 3-4 rolls of blue drafting tape. We used about 120 feet of roll paper (yellow construction or butcher's paper) as extra drop-cloths and for pattern making. We used a step ladder, chairs and stools, which we already had. My estimate (and it's the roughest ball-park figure) would be about $400-$500.

The materials were bought by the client, but I had to help plan and pick them out. This spec sheet might help in planning future projects.

The square footage would be approximately 1225 square feet, counting length and height: Two 51-foot walls, two 25-foot walls (rough estimate), and some miscellaneous nooks, crannies, and stairwells, all around 7.9 feet high. We did measure the length, but I never can remember the exact length of the two short walls.

Mural 2012: Saturday, November 17, 2012 (Final Ballpark Estimate of Time and Materials)

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