Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ideas Doodled on Scraps of Paper

Sometimes, I really have to worry if I'm sane. The gift of organization was not given to me; or, if I am organized, the organization defies classification. I'm the very image of that critter with the terminally, perpetually cluttered desk ~ is it Howland, from from Pogo, the comic strip? Every now and then, I dive into the stack and attempt to unclutter. I find doodles and tidbits of writing on scraps of paper, on check stubs, on the backs of deposit slips and envelopes... Sometimes, the scraps are still of interest, and I think, "Oh! I might want to explore that; think I'll keep it." Then again, I find one that's simply incomprehensible. Take the one I found today. It has sketches of odd little contraptions on it ~ clearly representations of conceptual art: sculptures made of found objects, installations, icons... Each one has little labels and arrows with descriptions scribbled out to the side. I don't remember it at all.

 There's nothing here to tell me if I attended an exhibit and scribbled down notes on pieces I liked; or if I somehow came up with these myself. Some of the notes seem to be ideas telling me what to do and how to do it, as if these were plans for conceptual pieces I wanted to build. That doesn't seem characteristic of my art, but I do sometimes go through phase of planning such pieces. (I don't carry them out). Once, I went through a frenzied period of sketching things I could do with recycled junk. Some of the doodles are of things that I would likely never do, or even think (at least, I don't think I'd think them); which leads me to believe I saw them in an exhibit. Was it Dalton? Atlanta? LaGrange? Something I saw on the Internet? My own thoughts, or someone's exhibit? Maybe the page is a bit of both. Maybe I sketched pieces that I liked, then was inspired to plan pieces of my own. Not a clue. But it did make me think art!

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