Monday, January 28, 2013

Smash Book Scrapbooking

smash book hullaballoo theme
"Create a Hullaballoo" (pics and Victorian card added by me).
Here are my last few photos from the blue-edged K&Company Smash Book. The top photo is of a two-page spread with my photos added. The left page has an orange-flower pattern stamped up the center of it. It says, "Create a hullaballoo." I just glued on a picture of two prim little girls from the 1960s. The right-hand page is just a blank, ruled sheet. On that page, I glued a birthday card of two little Victorian girls and wrote some silly stuff in the margins.

smash book you win games theme
Portion of a two-page spread from Smash Book: games, winning

That Queen-of-Clubs-playing-card graphic is my own, by the way. You can easily make your own by using a giant card, or by scanning and printing one. The graphic, "You Win," is already stamped on the page by K&Company, as is the games/scorekeeper graphic on the right-hand side. That yellow card is my miniature-golf score, a scrap that I saved. I stuck a family photo on there, of a card game, "Casino." I scribbled all kinds of notes on it. Once again, this blue book would be a good one for someone making a scrapbook about their son or boyfriend.

smash book outta here graphic

The last photo I've added has "We're Outta Here" as the graphic that comes pre-printed in the book. It might have been more appropriate as the last page of the book, but it's toward the middle. This one is just as it appears in the K&Company blue-edged book. I haven't added anything to it. I can't decide whether to put graduation pics, or kids running through a field.

I haven't shown all the pages ~ just a good sampling. In addition to the pages I've shown here and in my two previous posts, the book has a few more graphics; several plain, ruled pages; and several pages with brown kraft paper and ink-stamped images. One (not shown here) has a black comb on brown kraft paper ~ just a plain black comb ~ and says, "Keep it Real." There's also a page that has "10 Favorites" on it, with lines to list the favorites.

This particular line of scrapbooks comes pre-printed with graphics, ready to glue on scraps. Most of the book feature vintage, retro, or Victorian graphics. They all have kind of a crazy mix. This blue one seems to be less popular than others, and I think it's because of the male-centric images. It actually did work for me, and I was able to use the pages creatively. My take on it is a little eccentric, and this style might not work for everybody. Anyway, if you haven't seen the books in a store and just have on-line reviews to go by, maybe these descriptions and pictures will give you an idea of what Smash Books are all about, how they can be used for instant scrapbooking.

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