Saturday, December 14, 2013

Four Gesture Drawings

Four Gesture Drawings

Gestures and sketches: I really enjoy gesture drawing. These quick figure sketches are fun, and practicing them will really improve your skill for expressive drawing.  Gesture drawing adds energy and movement to a piece of art. It takes about 30 seconds for a simple one, and it's easy to do them in casual social settings. Sketch people sitting, playing, or skating; actors at a play rehearsal; animals. I also use gestures for inanimate objects. Gesture drawing adds energy, movement, and excitement to an otherwise boring sketch. I couldn't do graphics without them ~ I always play with gesture drawings to plan a composition or work out which fonts to use. I sketch my initial cartoon or logo ideas in loose, quick strokes. The gesture drawings above show three figures and a woman’s head.

This was on one of my deserted blogs, just moving it to The Talking Artist now!

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