Friday, April 18, 2014

Daylily Watercolor (High-School Art)

daylily watercolor art
Daylily Watercolor (High-School Art)

This is a piece that I did when I was fifteen or sixteen years old. It is watercolor and mixed media (with pencil and maybe a touch of pastel and colored ink). It has its errors: a certain flatness of the complete flower arrangement, the glaring green stems, a plain decorative background with no indication of interior or environmental space. I didn't have the experience to take artistic license and alter the top of the clear bottle for aesthetic reasons, which would have been a good idea;  it is a screw-topped functional bottle, and that shows. Most likely, I used thin sketch paper, rather than heavy watercolor paper. That was the best I had back then. Still, the painting shows a good sensitivity for the subject matter. I wouldn't mind revisiting that style of working. It also shows my interest in the subject of transparency. I could have done a better job on the transparent glass bottle ~ but the interest is there.

I also uploaded this image on my "public-domain" blog, so it can be borrowed.

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