Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Abduction of Europa and related images ~ sort of...

Selection of images: women interacting with cattle
"The Abduction of Europa" and related images

This strange progression of images came about by accident. I had pinned top two images on Pinterest (months apart, and in different categories). When I pinned the drawing (top left) tonight, I then searched "the abduction of europa" to see some more images and references to the theme or motif in classical art. Then, it was just a matter of "art" and "brain," that my brain had to put the images together into this strange juxtaposition. And my question is... What must she be thinking?! I can't imagine. Or... maybe I can, but let's not even go there. (I would be terribly afraid! Except in that one photographic shot, in which case the lady seems to be communing with a heifer, not a bull).

Well, now I've given some insight into my peculiar artist's sense of humor, and of my love of parody and foolishness!

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