Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Art by Lu Jian Jun

Art by Lu Jian Jun and historic portraits of empresses, from Google searches:

I was playing around on Pinterest and found some work by Lu Jian Jun on the ArtOdyssey blog. It immediately brought to mind an antique photo of a Chinese empress, which I had just recently seen, on Pinterest. (Yes, I am slightly addicted!) My montage (above), includes two portraits pulled from the Google search for Chinese empress, and two of the many portraits by Lu Jian Jun.

This artist's work, and the blogging of it, seems really interesting. The portraits, on their own merit, are very nice, but I do want to read into the blog a bit to understand the artist's thoughts or the inspiration behind the portraits, if it's written there.

His images are copyrighted, so I'm giving full attribution to the artist, Lu Jian Jun, and providing a link to the blog and the Pinterest pin, where his work is found.

Blog: ArtOdyssey1

Pinterest pin:

Here is his YouTube feed:

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