Saturday, November 7, 2015

Still-Life with Mannequin by D.K. Pritchett

Still Life with Mannequin by D.K. Pritchett
Still Life with Mannequin: I painted this in a somewhat looser style than usual. I don't remember the exact year. It may have been when I was still posting on the old art forum (Philip the guide, et al). I was very happy with the way it turned out. The brushwork is visible. It's not layered and built up the way some of my other paintings were. The color is just what I wanted. I wanted the teal of the dressmaker's dummy to just "pop." I was using a mixture of Liquitex Bright Aqua Green and Winsor Newton's Naples Yellow, with Liquetex Parchment (color), raw sienna, titanium white, and probably yellow ochre and Mars Black (something I rarely use). I'm sure I managed a bit of raw umber-and-ultramarine (mixed), one of my favorite mixes. That group of colors was my favorite palette at that time, though it may not be wise to mix brands that way. No one but Liquitex makes Parchment and Bright Aqua Green that I know of, and I had gotten hooked on those. I know I could have mixed them, or something approximate, using my "normal" palette of basic colors, but I do like the convenience of just grabbing the color that I like, even though I do a good bit of mixing en route to the painting, in addition to sometimes just painting straight out of the tube.

The painting is large. My sister has it hanging at her house. Technically, my nephew owns it, but I think it may stay at my sister's for awhile...

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