Wednesday, December 19, 2012

0~ Mural 2012: Blogging the Project

As an artist, and not a blogger, I've put off blogging about my mural project until the thing was done. Now I'm going to backtrack and give a play-by-play description of it, as best I can. From Mid-September till mid-to-late November, I drew and painted a mural in Calvary church's basement (used as a youth room). The project was a big one. The mural went around all four walls and part-way up the stairs. Two of the walls were 51-feet long by about eight feet high. One of the long walls was broken up by a double door and two square windows. The two short walls were about twenty feet long. I was hired by Brenda, who also agreed to assist in the flat painting. She went over the project, which was to be a mural of "rolling hills and sunshine" on one wall, and "storefronts, like a town" on the other side. She showed me a few sketches of other murals and youth-room designs that she liked. During our talk, she said she'd like to include mountains, so of course, Grassy Mountain it had to be, or mountains "sort of like Grassy." Grassy is our favorite local landmark, of two grand mountains near our town. Having settled on the idea of Grassy, I decided that I would go a little less cartoonish and slightly more realistic in my painting. Grassy Mountain is an inspiring sight.

September 13, 2012: Mural Project: What have I gotten myself into?

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