Wednesday, December 19, 2012

11~ Mural 2012: Finished the Barn and Started the Bay...

The barn was finished by Tuesday, October 2nd, I think. Somewhere along the line, I added some wood texture to the A/C vent and put a mouse to keep the cat company. I had to lie down on the floor to paint the mouse, which was no small task. I left out the other cows, just putting one in the spirit of simplification and keeping the lines clean. I actually forgot some farm implements that I had intended to add to the back stall ~ but I'm happy with the nice, clean look of the barn. I was feeling the lack of a chicken ~ every barn should have one. I wasn't quite sure where to add it, but did find a place; so, the chicken comes later, on the 5th.

Meanwhile, we'd already begun to turn our thoughts to the town side. Our goal was to finish the mural by the end of November, when the room would be used for a wedding reception. We'd added quite a few things that weren't in the original plan, and hadn't even started on the long wall of the town.

On October 2nd, I started those bay windows. And so begins a whole new chapter of the Calvary Church Mural Project...

Mural 2012: Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012: (Barn finished, town begun)

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