Friday, December 21, 2012

14~ Mural 2012: Second Bay Window (Toys)

Bay Windows in Progress, early October

Call me foolishly optimistic, but I thought I'd have the bay windows done in a day or two. It took over a day just to sketch the first one. It was tedious and physically exhausting ~ I had to be on a chair or step ladder most of the time, had to hold onto that tricky level with one hand while I drew with the other, and had to reach over my head to draw the corners of the little curved roof. (I made a pattern for that, too, by the way: just the corners. I just drew it with a Sharpie® on a clear plastic drop cloth, and cut out the shape.)

When I finished drawing the second bay window, I began to sketch in the toys. I had suggested using traditional and retro toys for color and nostalgia. I just couldn't picture my toy shop with Ipods,® video games, and robots. I chose stuffed animals, dolls, and colorful plastic toys. I included Biblical toys when I could make them work in the composition. There is an angel doll, a Noah's ark toy, and a slingshot (the modern kind). I tried to put Jonah and a whale, but it didn't work well and I took it out. I'd had fun looking up toys on the Internet. The Tinker Toys® surprised everyone. "The kids won't even know what those are!" they said. I couldn't believe it, but they were right: not only the kids, but some of the grown people were too young to remember them! All the grannies and grandpas loved them, though. (My own connection with Tinker Toys® was a set I'd played with at my granny's house.)

Of the photos above, the first two and the third one show the progress of that eighth day. The last one is further along and came a little later.

Mural 2012: Friday, October 5th, 2012 (Second Bay Window Begun)

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