Tuesday, December 25, 2012

19~ Mural 2012: Landscapes and Foliage

Another project for Friday, during my breaks from painting the bay windows, was to pay attention to the grasses and foliage that I'd neglected. I didn't tackle the large hills that day, but there was a bit of green that went back behind the barn, forming a miniature landscape. This is just a small area of the barn. I had painted flat colors back there, void of any real form. For the grass surrounding the barn, both walls (not shown), I had used the lighter green. For the part of the landscape that you can see back through the barn doors, I had gone with a flat, darker green. That was the safest bet, because I wanted it to go back in space and continue the medium-to-dark tones of the barn stall on the left. The flatness of the color had the effect of making the space look as if it didn't belong with the larger landscape that surrounded the barn. I wanted to soften it and make it look more realistic, give it some visual continuity, make it flow smoothly as a natural part of the land that went around and behind the barn. The photo above shows the hills after I had added some tonal values to the grass.

Mural 2012: Friday, October 12, 2012 (Landscapes and Foliage)

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