Tuesday, December 25, 2012

20~ Mural 2012: Bay-Window Blues

Somewhere along the line, my work schedule had changed, so I was now able to work Saturdays on the mural. My first Saturday (October 13th) had to be a half-day, due to a prior engagement. I can tell from a sent email (my last one for awhile on the subject of the mural) that the bay windows were getting to me. I told a friend that the bay windows had turned into a massive project. For the next week-and-a-half, that's about all that I worked on (keeping in mind that I only got to work on the mural about three or four days a week).

Now, that doesn't mean I didn't hit a lick at other parts of the mural during that time. I did some detailing on the town side, helped Brenda by mixing colors or sketching off areas that she needed to prep. But, all this time, the deadline loomed in front of us. We were starting to look at the calendar and count days. Saturday was the 11th day of painting. Counting Saturday, we had twelve days left (four of them half-days) that we could paint before the end of the month, when we'd have to have it at least looking like a finished mural. By that, I mean it shouldn't have any rough areas or things that looked half finished. The bays had to be done! At the end of October, we would have to move all the tables, paints, and drop-cloths, and put the furniture back in the room. There was to be a wedding that weekend, and the reception overflow would be in that room. It was only by a fluke of luck that I had as many as twelve days free ~ we had slowed down at work and I had extra days off.

Mural In Progress: Town Wall

Looking at this messy picture, taken not long after I'd started the bay windows, you can see what we were up against. We had even pulled up the carpet squares that were near the wall, to keep from dripping paint on them. See below for a picture taken of the same space at the end of the month, after the bays were done and the carpet was relaid.

During this time, Brenda mentioned a couple of things we'd talked of painting: the music-room door, a bench beside the stores... things like that. I warned her that I didn't need to sketch anything new if we didn't know for sure we could get it done. We could leave those things until after the wedding. By the first of November, when this next photo was taken, the mural did look "finished." The bay here doesn't have its cornice ~ I added that later ~ and the shop roofs do not have their scalloped shingles.

Mural Space, Cleaned and Ready for Guests

Mural 2012: October 13 - 23, 2012 (Bay Window Blues)

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