Tuesday, December 25, 2012

22~ More Grasses, Bays, and Lanterns

Wednesdays were always half days, so I knew what I'd need to do on the 24th. There would be enough time to finish those hills, and (I kept hoping) finish those bays. Well, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have expected to finish the bay windows on a half day; but, over and over, I'd think, "Today will be the day. I can finish today." But the devil is in the details, as they say, and I really had a lot of tedious work left to do. It didn't seem as if it should be so, but every time I'd take a breath and look up, I'd groan and think, "Oh man! I haven't done the lanterns!" Or, (sigh), "Did we ever coat that cloud with paint, or is that just Kilz?" (Yep, it was; and that meant yet another mini-project to do.)

lantern in mural
Lantern in Mural

On that Wednesday, I did manage to get a good bit done. I didn't finish the bays. No, really. I did finish the hills. I decided the lanterns were a nice, simple project for a half day's work. That got done. I loved my lanterns. I had taken a picture of some lanterns at Cohutta Springs. I decided to use an acorn for the finial, but otherwise, they're very similar. Here's my photo of the lantern I used as a model:

lantern cohutta springs conference center
Lantern at Cohutta Springs Conference Center

Mural 2012: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 (Grasses, Bays, and Lanterns)

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