Tuesday, December 25, 2012

23~ Cornerstones and Candy Shop

We still had quite a bit of work to do on the town side of our mural. Brenda had painted bright colors for storefronts. I had been steadily working on the two faux bay windows for awhile now, but I needed to stop and sketch some details that Brenda could paint. I showed her how I wanted the cornerstones done, showed her the width and mixed a creamy off-white for her. (I added just a smidgen of yellow and sienna to our stark white, a tiny bit at a time until it looked about the color of vanilla ice cream. Brenda did the cornerstones and they looked really nice. Meanwhile, I finished the lanterns and went back to work on the treat shop. I enjoyed working on the treats. I had a little trouble on bits here and there.

At the end of the day on the 26th, I was feeling pretty good about these bay windows. The photos show that they were nearly done, though I had re-painted the pinwheel to get a prettier shape, and still needed to add its colors. Also, the teapot (above) is lacking its floral design. The bottom, right-hand corner of the candy-shop bay looks a little plain...

Mural 2012: Friday, October 26th (Cornerstones and Candy Shop Bay Window)

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