Tuesday, December 25, 2012

25~ Mural 2012: Morning Glories, Bay Windows

On Saturday, I  must have been feeling pretty confident about finishing on time (or at least looking finished), because I decided to add an element I'd been longing to add: the morning glories. The fence beside the calf looked plain without them. I think it was pretty brave of me to start this, because I wasn't at all sure that I could do morning glories well. I'm usually not good with flowers. They're another "complex form" (hard for me). The overall shape of the vine needed to be more important than the individual flowers, too, and that can be tricky. I wanted to paint them very loosely and have the colors be soft. I think I succeeded pretty well. I got most of them done that day.

In the toy-shop window, I had painted the pinwheel and a Jonah-and-whale toy, but wasn't satisfied with them. I replaced Jonah with the teapot. These photos were taken later and show the finished toys: a teapot with a floral design. The photo in a previous post shows that I had Kilzed out the old pinwheel and re-painted one with a prettier shape. This is the finished pinwheel. Neither bay window had a cornice, but I knew that was a tricky project that needed to wait until after the wedding.

Mural 2012: Saturday, October 27th (Morning Glories and Bay Windows)

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