Tuesday, December 25, 2012

26~ Mural 2012: Morning Glories and Lettering

On Tuesday (October 30), I finished the morning glories and was happy they'd turned out looking soft, natural, and loosely done, not overworked. I never expected that to happen. I have a tendency to struggle on certain forms, and flowers are one of them. I think that, in this case, working with latex paint helped. If I'd been working with thick artist's acrylics from the tube, I might have turned out a heavy-handed mess. Instead, they do look soft and delicate. I would have liked the vine to be less full, more scattered and trailing, like morning glories in the wild; but I silently agreed within myself to "let it be." It's too easy to overwork a thing, or to paint something out and falter the second time around, messing it up completely. These morning glories will just have to serve as ones which have been slightly shaped by a farmer trimming around them. The vine looks round and full. Brenda had painted one of the closet doors brown, so I lettered "Library" on it, as we'd planned. I was a little worried about doing the lettering, but it went well, I think. While I was doing these tasks, a couple of things nagged at my mind. One was the flat calf, whose hooves had never been finished; and the other was a thought that had popped into my mind some time ago, that the bottom-right corner in the treat-shop bay window looked a little plain...

Mural 2012: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 (Morning Glories and Lettering)

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