Tuesday, December 25, 2012

30~ Mural 2012: Glenn's Coyote

On Halloween, I still had time for a finishing touch or two on the mural. It had been a running joke that we ought to add a little coyote somewhere, lurking in the bushes. One of our local farmers, Glenn, a member of the church congregation, is tasked with protecting the chickens and newborn calves from predators. The coyotes (introduced into our woods only a decade or so ago) are his bane. I had mentioned maybe putting an old-timey plow on the hill behind the barn. We decided a coyote would work just as well, so we put one, just to tickle the old guy when he discovered it. It's a tiny critter, just about an inch long; but if you get up close, you can see him grinning.

coyote small scale
grinning coyote mural
"Glenn's Coyote" (tiny grinning coyote in mural)

Note to reader: if you saw this post, then lost it: this was blogged before by accident and deleted. I had misread the date on my notes and posted it in the wrong sequence.

Mural 2012: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 (Glenn's Coyote) (22nd day of mural painting)

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