Wednesday, December 26, 2012

38~ Mural 2012: Colonial Signs and More

two colonial signs on mural

We were so close to finishing this mural, and I was so ready for it to be finished. We had painted all the major elements of town and country. Now we just needed to put the signs and a few other things we'd talked about. I decided to go with faux wooden colonial signs for the treat shop and toy shop. That part of town, with the courthouse-like central door, had a traditional look. I started the sign that Friday, the 16th. We debated the names a good bit. Our original name for the treat shop was "Sweets and Treats." We had discussed sticking to church-themed names, though, and Brenda came up with "Sweet Blessings." She wanted "Kindness and Sharing Toy Shop," but I hated that on so many levels. It was long, sounded like a grating moral lecture, and didn't sound like the name of a shop at all. I talked her out of it. I wanted "Hidden Treasures" or "Merry Heart" toy shop. Brenda came up with "WWJD," and texted a couple of friends. They all chose that one and we went with it. She said the kids were into WWJD stuff and would relate to that. The following two signs were decorations in a stairwell. We picked "Amazing Grace" for the name of the fire department. That sign was hard to paint because I chose semi-block lettering. I had to hold the brush over my head to paint, while standing on the stairs. Brenda wanted a pizza shop called "A Slice of Heaven." The pizza sign was a easy and fun, though it was on the opposite stairwell. I used a italic lettering, which was much easier than block, and prettier. Brenda drew and painted the awning.

two signs on mural: pizza and fire dept.
Pizza Sign and Fire-Department Sign on Mural

Mural 2012: Friday, November 16, 2012 (Colonial Signs and Other Signs on Mural)

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