Wednesday, December 19, 2012

7 ~ Mural Aside: CowCat!

(Aside): Somehow, it seems I can't get away from cows. When I was painting the cow and calf in the mural, I just had shake my head. I've had plenty of practice. Years ago, I worked for an ad agency that specialized in cattle advertising. Moo. Specifically, we marketed semen ~ yes, we did! (People used to laugh at my portfolio. What could I say?) Cattle advertising wasn't my ideal, but we were a young, creative bunch and we did have lots of fun. The owner of the company was a girl I went to school with. She raised Beefmaster cattle, in addition to owning the ad agency. I loved parody ~ still do. For my boss's birthday one year, I came up with a parody that would poke fun at the ads and pedigrees that were a staple of our workdays. Our typesetter, Sandy, helped me out on it. What happens if you breed a tabby with a... well, you wouldn't really want to think about it, but here's the result:

CowCat: Parody of a Cattle-Breeding Ad

Yeah, we poked a lot of fun at Texas A&M back then. It was the trend of the trade. My boss got a big kick out of this. I've blurred her name for privacy reasons, and also our company logo.

When I was painting the mural, I couldn't help but think of this ad every time I looked at the cow and cat side-by-side in the barn. Ah, well... fun times.

2012: Mural Aside: CowCat

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