Wednesday, December 19, 2012

8~ Mural 2012: Barn Stall with Green Cat.

The green cat in the barn stall looked kind of interesting. I kind of hated to paint over him. One of the fun things about art is that you can explore... well, everything. That's the job of an artist, really. The green cat was an accidentally-on-purpose thing. One thin coat of Kilz® hadn't really covered the green patch of grass on the lower wall. When I drew in the contours of the cat, I whited around him carefully, leaving a good bit of the green showing on purpose, so I'd have enough of the sketch showing to paint into it with yellow. The textured white-on-green made me think of monotoned paintings and printmaking: aquatints, batiks ~ things like that. It's a whole other avenue of painting to explore. The green cat wouldn't go over too well in Crandall, though. Besides, it wouldn't fit our theme. Regretfully, I had to paint over the cat.

Incidentally, even after I painted him yellow, Brenda was a little freaked out by a tiny amount of green underpainting that was still showing here and there on the edge of the drawing. It was a miniscule amount and didn't bother me ~ I have that 20th-century affinity for the "lucky accident" in art; but Brenda was pretty sure the kids would be traumatized (or at least distracted) if I left even an inkling of green... sigh.

Mural 2012: September 24th - 25th, 2012 (Barn Stalls and a Green Cat)

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