Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Halloween Windows for Scarecrow Mania, 2016 (Murray Arts Council)

MAC Painted windows: stitching witch and black cat - Scarecrow Mania 2016
These are my Halloween windows for Scarecrow Mania, 2016. I painted two windows at Murray Arts Council, side by side. Our theme was "Stitching Witches," to go along with an heirloom quilt exhibit thta we had for October ~ an unusual pairing, to be sure. The display also included the "scarecrow" (a witch, with needle, thread, and quilt) and some pumpkins in witch hats. The exhibit won third place. (I have to admit, I was completely charmed by the first-place winner, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and child, with house and picket fence).  Chatsworth-Murray Area Chamber of Commerce has presented Scarecrow Mania for several years, to go along with the Annual Black Bear Festival and remain up throughout October. Murray Arts Council participated in 2015 and 2016. 

I can't remember ever painting any windows, though some years ago, one of my co-workers had a project in planning to spruce up a vacant building during Black Bear. The building owner chose not to do windows that year. I have painted on small pieces of glass and knew that it would be tricky. In some ways, they were easier than expected, and in other ways, harder. I knew that painted glass tends to look streakier on the painted side, but even I wasn't prepared for how smooth and slick they would look on the outside. I did a quick draft on paper, then went straight to the windows. The hardest part was reaching the tops of the windows. All I had was a molded-plastic stepstool, so that was a stretch.

Technical info: I used plain craft-acrylic paints (not specially formulated for glass or anything). I mixed in a little bit of dishwashing liquid to make it easier to peel off later. I didn't get to do the peeling myself, so I'll have to ask how it went. 

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