Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Free Art Friday, Rome Georgia Rocks, and other North Georgia Groups

Doodles and Sketches by D.K. Pritchett
Created for Free Art Friday in Rome, Georgia

This past weekend I hid some art for Free Art Friday in Rome, Georgia, and had lots of fun doing it. I hid about eight or ten sketches and doodles, mostly of butterflies and calligraphic letters. I've discovered that several other North Georgia towns have free art groups or painted rock groups. Most or all are on Facebook and are closed groups (you have to join to participate). Here are a few of them:

Cave Spring, Georgia: 

Cave Spring Rocks

Free Art Friday Cave Spring/Cedartown:

Chatsworth, Georgia:

Chatsworth Rocks

Dalton, Georgia:

Dalton, GA Rocks

Dahlonega, Georgia:

Dahlonega Rocks

Rome, Georgia:

Free Art Friday Rome GA

Rome Ga Rocks

Rome Rocks
(Subtle clues - took me awhile to realize it was Rome, Georgia)


North Georgia Rocks

Georgia Rocks

Chattanooga Painted Rocks
Chattanooga, Tennessee

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